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Pik Lenin in Kyrgyzstan is considered to be the simplest 7,000-meter mountain and is one of the 5 Snow leopard mountains in Kyrgyzstan. The ascent takes place from the north side of the mountain.


Pik Lenin was first named after the German first climber of the mountain (1928), Konstantin Kaufmann (Pik Kaufmann). Even though the mountain is considered to be the easiest mountain higher than 7000 m, one shouldn't forget that this altitude, even if it does not present really any technical difficulties, that climbing a high mountain has never had to be underestimated because of its height and the sudden changes in the weather. Any experienced mountaineer with a very good condition can climb this mountain. But for a successful climb, good weather, mountain experience, a very good condition is a requirement.

The rest is provided by our experienced mountain team. The mountain is also considered as one of the "comfortable" high mountains because of its well-equipped 2 base camps with good logistics.



1st day: Departure to Kyrgyzstan

Flight via Istanbul to Osh with Turkish Airlines.

2nd day: Osh

Morning arrival in Osh, transfer to the hotel. After we have rested, we take a walk through the city, which was once considered one of the most important cities on the Silk Road and was famous for its spice basar. Today you still feel this atmosphere when you walk through the narrow street alleys. We make the last purchases before we go to the hotel.

3rd day: Osh - the base camp

In the morning after breakfast, drive to the base camp in Achik Tash. Lucky that the Osh Kashgar Highway has now been expanded. Until a few years ago, this trip took over 10 hours, today only 5 hours. It goes through small villages along the Gulche River. On a pass, we see for the first time the Pamir Mountains, which offers a huge view. After arriving at the Acik Sulu River, the ride becomes a bit uncomfortable. It takes 2 hours on the moraine to the base camp in Achik Tash at 3,600 m altitude. (B, L, D)

4th day: Base camp

Today we want to get used to the altitude. We make a half-day hike in the area, climb up to max. 4,000 m up and rest up here first. At the base camp, it is cozy, we enjoy the magnificent view, let us pampered by the kitchen. We stay in spacious 2 person tents (you can even stand in the tents). (B, L, D)

5th day: acclimatization tour

Today is another day of acclimatization, we will go for a hike again so that we feel good the next day. Because our goal for the next day is to ascend to the high camp. By the end of the ascend, we will not be returning to the base camp. The stuff that we do not need in the upper areas, we can leave in the base camp for storage. (B, L, D)

6th day: advanced base camp

We pack our things on the pack animals and climb to the high camp at 4,200 m. The ascent takes you on well-trodden trails, past marmots below the Lenin Glacier, constantly with great views of the Lenin Peak. When crossing the glacier river, we are carried by horses to the other side. The high camp is located at 4,200 m and is just as comfortably equipped. Again, we sleep in spacious 2 person tents. (B, L, D)

7th day: Acclimatization tour

We climb up a bit that day without luggage to get used to hiking at this altitude. We come back to the high camp, where we spend another night. (B, L, D)

8th day: Rest day

Today's rest is on the program, so we can continue to ascend the next day. 
(B, L, D)

9th - 17th day: Ascent days

These days serve for further acclimatization, for the camp building and the ascent of the summit. The exact program will be determined depending on the weather conditions on-site. Weather permitting, we will climb to Camp 2 today, which is at 5,300m. We set up our tents, carry some of our material up and stow it there. After an overnight stay, we go down again, rest well again before venturing to the summit. After Camp 2 there are another 900 meters up to the last camp, Camp 3 at 6.100 m, from where we start the summit. In good weather, we climb the 7,134 m high Pik Lenin and enjoy this special moment and the magnificent view. After the summit another night is planned in camp 3. As far as we go back to the advanced base camp we have B, L, D. In the upper camps 2 and 3 we have self-catering. 

18th day: high camp - the advanced base camp

Early in the morning we pack our things at the high camp 3, descend to camp 2, rest here, clear our camp and descend to the advanced camp, where we will stay one last time. (B, L, D)

19th day: Base camp

In the morning we pack our things at the advanced base camp, descend to the base camp where we will spend the last night. (B, L, D)

20th Drive to Osh

Today we say goodbye to the mountain. At noon, our vehicle picks us up from the base camp. After 5 hours we reach the city Osh. In the evening we take one of the restaurants and later a bar in Osh to celebrate our success. Overnight at the hotel. (B, L)

21st day: Osh

This day is free for us. Today it is time to stroll, buy souvenirs or use the day to relax and unwind. (B)

22nd day: the journey home

In the morning transfer to the airport. Return flight via Istanbul home.


Due to the rapidly changing weather conditions, changes in the itinerary can occur at any time. The changes are determined by the mountain guide.​


  • 3 hotel nights in Osh based on bed and breakfast

  • 18 nights in 2 person tents in the camps, catering up to 14 days in the camps

  • Full board (B= breakfast, L= lunch, D= dinner)

  • Guided trekking, climb from day 1 to 22

  • Luggage transportation up to 20 kg to base camp and advanced base camp with horses

  • Mess tent, toilet tent, in each camp one-time shower (if more required, it is against charge). Use of electricity in the camps.

  • 4 gas cartridges per person, Walkie Talkie (1 per 4 people)

  • Sightseeing in the city Osh

  • English speaking mountain guide during the whole tour

  • Pik Lenin T-Shirt as a souvenir

  • Climbing certification


  • Flights to OIsh and back (we can book the flights for you!)

  • Meals and beverages not mentioned in the itinerary

  • Luggage transportation after advanced base camp (to camp 2 and 3)

  • cooking equipment

  • tips

  • personal expenses

  • Insurances (you should have a rescue and health insurance with a coverage of at least 30.000 EUR)

The required minimum number of people for this tour is 5 and it's limited with 11 people.


EUR 2.790,-- without flights (flight ticket cost around EUR 600,--)


The climate is determined by the altitude and the continental location of the region. West and north winds are weakened by mountain ridges. The spring and summer weather is mainly dry and warm, autumn and summer are dry and cold. The average summer temperature in the valley is 20 ° C in July, in winter it is -4 ° C in the valley (in January). Warm and dry winds, which sometimes blow from the mountains in winter and last a few days, are often followed by heavy snowfall. In early summer, storms are not uncommon.


  • You have to bring your own camping stove and crockery for the mountain meals. The gas cartridges are provided because it is problematic to bring them along with the flight. If you can not bring your own cooker, please let us know in good time that we can arrange a cooking spot for you.

  • To enter Kyrgyzstan you will need a passport that is valid for at least 3 months upon entry. A visa is not necessary for German, Austrian and Swiss nationals (further information you will get from the embassy)

  • The medical care in Kyrgyzstan does not correspond to European conditions. It is recommended that you bring essential medicines, dressings, and disposable syringes, as these must be obtained by yourself in hospitals. Sufficient and valid health insurance coverage, including travel insurance, is therefore strongly recommended.

  • Please also check your vaccine protection, in particular, it is important to ensure adequate protection against polio, tetanus, diphtheria, and hepatitis A.


  • Very good condition for up to 14-hour daily stages, perseverance, teamwork, good health, and height tolerance is a "must" for the ascent of Pik Lenin. You should have good knowledge of dealing with an ice ax, crampons, and alpine rope, and safety technology. Surefootedness in scree, snow, and ice up to 45 ° steepness is required.

  • Note: On this journey, you always move at a very high altitude, which puts a strain on your heart and circulation. It is important for height adjustment, especially in the first few days drink a lot and take only light and light meals. The prerequisite is good health! After a few days, the body has become accustomed to the oxygen-poor air and is acclimatized.


You get from us when you have once booked.


EUR 3.350,-- incl. flight with 30 kg luggage f.o.c.


07/30/2021 - 08/20/2021 - available


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